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Roof Paint Solutions with Taifa Paint

Taifa Paint an Authorized Paint Distributor by Duracoat

A premier manufacturer and distributor of high quality Duracoat paints in Kenya. We specialise in roof and wall paint. This is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals who strive to ensure that our products surpass the highset standard by implementing the latest technology. 

Metal roofs of all kinds have many advantages from being long-lasting to shedding water and snow quicker than an asphalt shingle roof. However, all painted metal roofs have one downside in common, and that is that they have to be repainted periodically.

Metal roofs and metal roof coating options are getting a significant amount of press these days, perhaps because they are one of the best roofing solutions in an era that is continually focused on sustainability. Metal roofing systems are cheaper to engineer, manufacture and install than their traditional counterparts. Cool metal roofing options cut down on solar heat gain, reducing annual cooling costs, and the resilience of metal roofs make them extremely affordable in the long run.

Painting a metal roof is one of the best ways to preserve the benefits of your metal roof through the duration of its life, including valuable cost savings.


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22 February 2018


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